Midnight Ravers - Dabora (remix by Spoek Mathambo)

Midnight Ravers feat Supreme Talent Show - Dabora - remix by Spoek Mathambo Extract from Sou Kono Remix EP Release date : may 27th, 2016 (Jarring Effects Label) starring : Mc Waraba Meleke tchatcho Spoek Mathambo Assaba Dramé Dom Peter Manjul Emmanuel Prost Fifa, Ladjo Nesta and friends .. Available on vinyl & Digital CD1D : http://cd1d.com/fr/album/sou-kono-remix Spotify : http://bit.ly/1UkLFez iTunes : http://apple.co/1NvO6dd Deezer : http://bit.ly/1qNGCr9 Google play : http://bit.ly/1VUrxl3 Cuted and postproduced by : Citizen Jif shooted by : Dom Peter , Spoek Mathambo & Pierre Duforeau Drawings : Emmanuel Prost

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