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Lyrics : (Chorus) Time has come for a real revolution, Real music we givin to the nations, Leave from all this babylon tribulations, We haffi find a solution, ''yeah'', Verse 1: Here my voice that the sounds of the warrior, Music my savior, You cudda black, you cudda white it nuh matter the culture, Come chill with me, mi deh pon di corner, Babylon nah stop dem suffer, Sometimes dem have no dinner, Do you hear the people are bawlin', Can't you see dem cyaan stop cryin', (Chorus) Verse 2: Bring back the love let dem know, We nago give up the fight let dem go, Nobody want to be a hero, A hero, Hey youth we have to rise up, Take full stand straight from the dirt, Leavin in a time where it's ruff, Still haffi make it cauz we tuff (Chorus) Verse 3: Walk and talk with jah love ina mi heart, Shout and sing with jah love ina mi heart, A full time now, a revolution fi start, Jr Yellam comes fi play dis ya part, (Chorus) Pour découvrir toutes les vidéos de Yellam, n'hésitez pas à vous inscrire sur la chaîne YouTube "Yellam Channel" : ► CD, VINYL & T-SHIRT YELLAM : ► T-SHIRT YELLAM x DAN MAKER :

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